The Biotech Futurist

I’ve loved listening to podcasts for a long time, so I’ve started my own, The Biotech Futurist, mostly inspired by Andrew Huberman. At The Biotech Futurist, I try to convey my excitement for the current research trends in biotech by interviewing expert guests. The first season starts in March 2023, and a new episode is out every week. Here you can find the YouTube links, a short description of the episodes, and AI-generated transcripts. Make sure to follow The Biotech Futurist on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify or Apple Podcast! If you like the podcast, please share it with a friend, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me for comments or suggestions.

I’ve also recorded a daily podcast in Italian, called Risveglio a Mumbai, while I was in India. For forty days, I’ve tried to unpack my previous day every morning in five minutes, between cultural shocks, volunteering, and the curiosity for such a distant reality. You can find it on Spotify!